A short preview of the Tutorial

February 10, 2016

Remember when I said writing a Tutorial would be part of my break? Me neither.

Writing this thing is a really challenging task, definitely nothing I could just do half-heartedly. Especially after actually starting to make a game alongside it. But I’m making good progress, so the release isn’t far off. I know you guys are patiently waiting for something new from me, but hopefully the size and opportunity of this tutorial will make up for the time you have to wait.


My goal is to make a Tutorial suitable for everybody, no prior knowledge required. If one game sees the light because of this project, I’d be the happiest man alive.

But even if you don’t want to make your own game, I’m sure you can find some enjoyment in the game I’m making alongside it.

Stay tuned for the Adventures of Tutorial-chan, as she fights off her horny teacher, Enemy-Sensei!punch_preview

Yes, best plot ever.


Happy new year!

January 3, 2016

Hey there, long time no see. I hope you had nice 2015, here’s on to an even better 2016!

I was so busy stretching my legs over the past weeks, I kinda forgot to even keep this blog updated. So, as some of you realized, a few download-links were outdated.

Ryonani migrated to Undertow Club, which will serve as a new option for your every download need. Big thanks to Detritus for offering his servers! The links have been updated and should work now.

With that taken care of, I wanted to talk a bit about the stuff I’ve been doing. For the most part, I’ve been very diligent working on my tutorial. I’ve written well over 100,000 words now, but there’s still a good chunk left.

My initial idea was to write down everything I know and learned about Fighter Maker and 3D Custom Girl, sort of like an encyclopedia for easy consulting, followed by a step-by-step tutorial on how to use these building blocks to make a game – with some examples and a small finished game.

As I was reading the tutorial myself for testing, I soon realized this was a pretty shitty idea. While this encyclopdia was great for looking stuff up if you were lost in your own project, it didn’t have a continuous thread to actually teach stuff. If you are trying to learn a new engine, drowning yourself in details and going through your options left to right is just hindering.

To make an efficient tutorial it’s a better idea to start making something and then explain the details in the step they’re necessary in. That means the whole step-by-step part of the tutorial I planned will have to be much longer and detailed than I initially thought. But otherwise it wouldn’t really teach stuff, and that’s what this is about, after all.

So, how far am I and when is the release? I have finished the encyclopedia, so to speak. Everything I know about Fighter Maker 2nd is written down there. I will release this as a separate document together with the tutorial, so you can use it to easier look stuff up.

For the step-by-step tutorial I’m finished with all the basic stuff, like making poses, importing images, how a skill works, making stages etc. At the moment I’m finishing up with movement. What’s left after that are the attacks, the Sex-moves and finally the Demos. Somewhere in between I’ll also have to talk about Variables and Objects.

The small Demo-Project will have one fight with two characters and something like 2 or 3 Sex Animations.

I’m finished with the big part of the tutorial, but it’ll still take some time. Certainly a few weeks, but I’ll keep you updated!


So, this is the plan…

October 28, 2015

A few of you were already wondering where I was hiding, so I guess I should put something out there before people think I’m dead. First things first: my break isn’t over yet and I plan to take it slowly for the rest of the year. I’ve found some time to spend on a few of my neglected hobbies and enjoy it very much, so that’s something I want to continue for a while.

That being said, I’ve also spend the last few weeks pondering what I should do next in regards to game-making. Sure, the basic ideas stand, but there are lot more things to consider I haven’t really talked about yet. But at the moment I think I have a concept I’m very happy with, so that’s what I’ll go with.

The first thing I’ll do is finish the tutorial I started a few months ago and promised a lot of you guys. It has been a long time since it got on my to-do list and it’s high time I get done with it. In fact, I’ve already written some more pages for it. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll release it, but don’t worry, it’s not too far off. In the moment I’m aiming for late December or January. It depends on how big the “small” project will be I thought of releasing alongside it (for demonstration purposes). Writing this tutorial is a very comfortable way to spend a few evenings, so I consider it part of my break.

Next up, after I’ve finished my tutorial, will be the update to Amazon Brawl. Now, for this there are a few more things I need to talk about.

Making a game is always a learning experience for me. Not always in regards to gameplay-mechanics, but pretty much everytime in regards to making animations. Over the months it took me to make one game I always had the feeling I’m improving on the quality of them and by the time I’m done with the game – looking back – I saw a lot of room for improvement (especially on the first animations I worked on). This is the reason I was always reluctant to add new content to my finished games; I’d rather spend the time to work on a new, improved one, even if the content and premise was similar. This seemed to me like the better way to spend my time.

With Amazon Brawl… I don’t really have that. Sure, there are a few things here and there I’m not really satisfied with, but seeing the animations as a whole – making them now, I don’t think I’d be able to improve on them significantly. I’d probably make them the same way. In other words: as far as fighting games with an emphasis on futanari are concerned, I don’t think I have a need to make another one. Not any time soon, not in the coming years. I am satisfied with Amazon Brawl to such a degree I’m much more willing to use it as a base game to add content to – and not just move on to my next game. So, with that in mind, it may very well happen that I don’t only add hardcore-moves in the next update for Amazon Brawl, but other content (like stages or characters).

Now, a lot of you remember I said Amazon Brawl was very big and the more content I add to it the higher my workload will be. This is true and won’t change. Looking at the alternative however, I don’t think making a new game would be the best course of action if I have another inspiration for futanari content. Seems more reasonable to just add it to Amazon Brawl – not to mention I could add content to existing characters as well, making the whole game a new experience.

But this is something I’ll still need some time to think about.

Next up is Princess of the Ring 2. As I am announcing a bigger update for Amazon Brawl I don’t think it’d be fair to leave this one out. You probably had some worries reading the previous paragraph; if I make Amazon Brawl bigger, won’t that push back PotR 2 even further? No, actually not. If I am making AB bigger, I need to re-evaluate my time-schedule as well. “Finishing” Amazon Brawl isn’t my first priority anymore, I want to instead add more content to make it a new experience, even if that takes a big longer to finish. As such, I’ll probaby start with PotR 2 around the same time as the update for AB, working on both projects at the same time or alternating between them. Last year I worked on Amazon Kara and Amazon Brawl at the same time for a few months and had a good time with it, so I hope I can do the same here. And considering PotR and AB are so different, I think it’ll be a good change of pace for both projects.

I’ve also spent some time thinking about the content of PotR 2. I had different ideas for settings, moves, number of characters and so on – but at the moment I think working on the same premise as the first one would be the best way to go. Instead of making a lot of characters like Amazon Brawl, I think this time around I’d rather go for a smaller number of characters, but giving each one more moves and content. Maybe instead of a fast action game, more like a simulation, and each girl has more moves depending on her position… lots of possibilities. But I’ll have to think more about that later.

And jeez, this post is getting longer by the minute. One short question I want to leave you with: do you think undressing should be an integral part of PotR 2, or are you comfortable with nude fighters? I’ll be completely honest: that’s a fuckload of work and I am not sure I want to include it, but if everyone agrees it should be part of the fight, I’m willing to take one for the team. Let me know.

For now I’m going back to my break. See you sometime in the coming months.



September 14, 2015


Amazon Brawl v1.2

September 12, 2015

logoAfter that kinda mean post yesterday time for something a bit more happy. I sat down again and tried to fix all the major bugs that were in Amazon Brawl. I wasn’t able to recreate all of them to exactly know what triggered them, but through the descriptions you guys gave I had a pretty good idea what caused them. And I changed that – so these bugs shouldn’t occur anymore. Well, that’s the plan at least. I had to change quite a few things throughout the whole code and I’m pretty sure I was very thorough with it, but on the offchance I might have missed something (or better yet, gave birth to a new bug) I want you guys to give the game another round again. I want to make sure there are no game-breaking glitches or bugs left.

It would’ve probably been wiser to label my first release a beta (because that’s essentially what it was, I don’t have any playtesters aside from myself) so you guys knew what to expect. So if these bugs led to some frustration for you, I want to apologize. Hopefully now it works a bit better.

Another thing: quite a few of you requested some more love for the 2P-mode (regarding options), so I added a menu there as well. As some of you may remember I said this wouldn’t be feasible for the multiplayer, but a few days ago I realized I still had the Pause-Menu I could work with. So now when you’re in 2P-mode and press Pause (Esc) the first player is able to switch Controls and the Wild Girls on/off. Once I am done with the Hardcore-Mode, it will probably work through this system as well.

Very important: Because I changed a few things, be sure to read the whole readme! Very important!

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention: this release doesn’t change moves or other balancing-issues. That will be an update all on its own, when I have spend more time with the characters and got a bit more feedback.


Free games, Patreon and my life

September 11, 2015

While the bug-fixing for Amazon Brawl I still underway, I thought I’d talk about a number of things regarding the way I make games, release them and my Patreon. It didn’t come up often, but a few times, so a precautionary statement in this regard might be a good idea – so that this doesn’t come up more often in the future.

What is this about? Basically, after releasing Amazon Brawl, a few people who were unsatisfied with the quality of the game suggested I shouldn’t release my game for free, but instead charge money for it and use that to increase the quality.

There are a number of things I need to say in this regard, to clear up a few misunderstandings.

I release my games for free because I choose to do so, and there are several reasons for that. I am not living in a vacuum solely existing in order to make hentai games. I have a full-time job that’s paying for my rent, my life and my hobbies. It takes up a lot of my time, but it’s a very safe employment. To quit my job in order to make something different over the internet would be the stupidest thing I could do. So I am limited in the time I can actually use for making games like these. This is a hobby for me, it can’t ever be full-time.

Charging money for my games doesn’t magically increase their quality. I am making these in my free-time, alone. And unless I spend a few years of dedicated training, I still can’t draw for shit. So it doesn’t matter if I have more money on my bank-account, the quality will be the same. It would be different if I were to employ people for those tasks. Maybe hiring someone to draw, someone to make music, and so on… but that brings a whole mountain of others problem with it. I’d have to register a business (because, that’s what it is), get permission from my employer, use my time to organize work-tasks, find people to do stuff for me. It would be the exact opposite of a hobby and most likely don’t save any time for me, but rather cost more. And that’s all considering I get enough money through donations or otherwise to pay for the people I hire; if not, am I supposed to use the money from my job?

This is a perfectly good way to organize a business if you aim for something bigger, but I don’t. I don’t have the time for that. I’m doing this for fun, and if people enjoy the games I release, that’s enough for me.

My Patreon page doesn’t exist to fund my games. It’s an alternative way to donate, since my old Paypal account got closed down. As I’ve written in that page, there is no need to pay money to get my games. All I’m offering there are some bonus things like videos or demos that are available in the game once it’s finished. No exclusive content, and no paywall. So don’t assume that money is paying me for something.

I appreciate all feedback on how to improve my games, but if you think you know better than me what I should do with my life, free-time and money, that’s crossing a line. That’s none of your business and not open for discussion. So I would appreciate it if you don’t try to convince me otherwise.

So, that’s what I wanted to get off my chest. Just so you know where I stand on this.


Amazon Brawl – another short input needed

August 31, 2015

So, today I went through all the comments and discussions on other forums again to make a to-do-list. These were the bugs that were reported on a few times:

  • When playing in 2 player-mode, you can’t finish normally, you get a screwed-up animation and have to press on 2p controls again,
  • in certain situations when a lot of damage is dealt, the character disappears or the fight suddenly ends,
  • You get a weird message when trying to start the game (“The Application was not able to start(0xc0000022)” or something similar),
  • when moving over the “Hardcore” option, the menu gets fucked up and won’t disappear,
  • when 100% is reached at the same time as the defense turns green, the victim frees herself but there is still the “broken”-message.

Did you find any bugs that don’t fit into this category? Then please drop a comment so I can fix it as well.

And, regarding the balancing: which moves are able to break the balance or easy to abuse? Which opponent did you find too difficult/too easy? And is there anything else you’d like to see changed in regards to difficulty/balance?

Once I’ve got a clear picture of what needs to be changed, I’ll sit down once again with AB to get everything in order. Or, at least I will try. There may be some bugs which are related to the engine itself, so maybe I won’t be able to fix all, but we’ll see.


edit: can someone with the error message (“The Application was not able to start(0xc0000022)”) do me a favor and try the following? Delete the game.ini and then start to run the game. Does it work now?


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